Saturday, April 24, 2010


boys between her cheeks


a thousand chocolate languages sprang
between her cheeks boys

young boys bumbling
limb over limb
keep trip-drippin'
on thong-lines
and breast lines
yowlin' to slam-a
cock to cat
in heat like Zeus
big hands a-gropin'
slatherin' 'is juice
in all sick positions

 created the Sirens
cold screechin' t' lure-a
weak sailor or cap'n
cuz no Aphrodite
did it rough on the rocks
in sea foam salted
(bones hard-and-soft)
to trick up the men
jerkin' at ropes
oh let me go
Zeus all a-laughin' -
Hera hot-crossed
marriage been forgot -
‘til lube gone pumped
the men all lost
to cats and cocks
to crossed and caressed

smeared by years
of loves and locks
for straight-gold hearts,
a dollar store sore,
bought by Cupid
sent by Hermes
dear courier express
for love he'll never get
all flippin' 'n' lucid
working beside
so many Gods
up on high

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mike said...

Really wonderful poem. If you are intested in having it included in an anthology we are putting together, let me know.