Saturday, April 24, 2010

houses and happenings on Goulburn

Houses and Happenings on Goulburn




Do not look for dust in sensitive spots

where sun tunnels left kisses

on wood, three stories up.





The bike in the doorway, ridden every day,

saw me shoeless in mud cakes

every mile peddled slowly against first gear.





Smoke rings pill the fog beside our windows

like chalk dust we'll rest our heads on street lights

to avoid the contagions of light and smog.





In chapel I kneel

having thought of thorns

furrowed too deep in temples.





The map of capillaries over brick face

chipped age won't see through
my corneal windows and sheets.



Throughout the day muffled screams kick down doorways
finding children's toys argued into the hall

claimed by the landlord, up and over the balcony.

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