Saturday, April 24, 2010

far and away

 riding him reminds me

the first days I rode      through

back fields with rakes and hoes,

            the fox hole by the river.

covered in leaves           we made a promise:

                          never ride                        alone through woods

                                                                                                and words

                                                                                                and worm-work.

that collapsed       and everything fell

            hay down

                        rakes down

                                    hoes all down,


before that                 we drank

            from golden horse troughs

            eating apple treats and oats

                        plucking weeds from pasture

(dandelions and nightshade,

             milkweed and mullein,

            knotweed and lady's thumb)

never caring for future,

              caring only for promises for keeps.


I've buckled again to my stirrups            spurs ready to ride

                        alone with him underneath             and far


away into the woods.

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