Friday, March 27, 2009

My Crane Wife


There was once a crane who was very lonely.
It made him so sad that one night while wandering in the moonlight, he had to stop and cry.
That night he cried himself to sleep.
For the next day he lay with his beak tucked beneath his wing, too sad to move for all his loneliness was too heavy.
The clouds passed o'er head, and the sun shone warmly on his feathers.
But even the gentle caress of the breeze could not wake him.
Finally he realized he must go out and search for another just like him.
Loneliness is only loneliness when you give up.
Quickly, he came across another.
Excitedly he asked, "Are you a crane, just like me?"
The cube replied, "No."
"Oh..." said Crane.
"Goodbye then.." and he wandered away.
He journeyed over sun-peaked, white hills, and through white valleys cast in shadow,
Until one day he came across a group of peoples in the North.
They were not like him.
Neither were the people in the South, the West, or the East.
So he took to the skies to see if anyone was there.
The skies were empty.
So Crane landed in despair and rested against a rock to cry.
He had given up completely... when suddenly he heard a familiar sound!
The craw of another crane!
His heart exploded with joy and disbelief as they danced toward each other, embracing their new mate in love.