Wednesday, September 15, 2010

through the ages, the women in my life (a tattoo in homage)

Meine Großmutter, Mutter, Schwester, und ihre Baby.

Over the past few years I've come to realize how important the women in my life are, especially my mother and grandmother who has recently passed away. The relationship I have with my sister is intense, to say the least, and runs so deep within me. Soon she will be giving birth to a baby girl, and I could not be more proud or breaching the brim with love for her and my soon-to-be niece.

For a long while I've been struggling with an idea for a tattoo in homage to these extremely important women in my life. I thought of my favoured aesthetics, things I love to look at, and things I am constantly in awe of. Then it hit me, the thing I always think of when I remember my grandmother: yellow roses. Both my mother and grandmother's favourite flowers are the yellow and pale pink rose, single petal. They are delicate, clean, guarded, and barbed. They are extremely temperamental flowers, much like myself and all of the other women in my family.

My mother is represented in the large, voluptuous yellow rose at the top; she will sit on my should like a constant reminder of who birthed me, took extreme care of me, and loves me limitlessly. She is yellow: warm, nurturing, vibrant, and joyful. My grandmother is the rose done only in black line-work; she has passed away, the flower has begun to close, but her memory will always stay elegant and beautiful. At the bottom will be my beautiful sister, unfurling and full of life. Her baby girl is the tiny, supple rosebud, pink like her mother. There will be light greenery, mostly line-work with some soft dusting and shading of colour.

I'M excited, just sayin'. 

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stuefee said...

beautiful concept and design. can't wait to see it